7 Hidden Signs That Your Boss Don't Like You [FREE E-Book]

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You aren't always going to get along with everyone you work with, but when it comes to your boss, it's in your best interest to forge a good relationship.

"The relationship has a big impact on the trajectory of your career," According to Dana Brownlee, author of "The Unwritten Rules of Managing Up." "It's hard to be successful when your boss isn't your biggest advocate." After all, your manager has the power to promote or fire you, speak up for you or assign you high-profile projects.
So how can you sense that your boss doesn't feel you no matter how hard you try to adjust and reach out to have a good professional relationship?
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Your relationship with your boss is a significant predictor of your experience at work.
Good relationships increase the likelihood that you’ll get interesting assignments, meaningful feedback, and recognition for your contributions. Bad relationships mean, well, just the opposite. If your relationship with your manager is prickly, icy, distant, or strained, your work — and your career — will no doubt suffer. The good news is that there are steps you can take to change things for the better. GRAB A COPY NOW!!


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